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Paper / Conversion / Print

We can supply all kinds of knives used in the paper industry for shear cutting in rollers and paper rewinders.

We have an extensive range of knives for sheet machines, shear cutting and cross cutting in the conversion industry. We are proud to offer sheet machine knives of the finest quality, circular slit knives, sub-knives, crushing knives, razor blades, toothed cut off knives and chopper blades. We have knives made of a variety of materials, including standard grade, D-2, HSS, stainless steel and tungsten carbide inserts.

BORIN offers an extensive range of knives and accessories for the graphics industry. We offer different types of guillotine knives, trimming knives, circular knives, circular and straight perforating knives, toothed cut off knives, razor blades and paper drills. 

We stock a large number of knives and can custom make knives that you need according to a sample or drawing.

Knife type

Circular knives

Cross cutting knives

Cross cutting knives

Crushing knives

Crushing knives

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Don’t hesitate to contact us for help with any needs, big or small. We’ll produce the right knife using your drawing or sample, or the part number of an existing knife or holder. And we’re happy to come to you to assess your machine knife needs.

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