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Your way – do it with BORIN!

It’s easy to order machine knives from BORIN!


Send us a drawing or sample of the knife you want us to manufacture.


BORIN will look at your request and develop a solution.


Your custom-ordered knives are manufactured and delivered according to your exact specifications!

No need to worry about long manufacturing / lead times - we’ll help you get control of your knife supply and custom-made knives!

BORIN has helped large and small companies to improve their supply of custom-made knives since 1977. We help you develop a plan for your needs for a smooth supply of knives without long lead times, we usually call it call-off orders. And we can offer better prices, thanks to better planning och collective manufacturing volumes.

How does a call off-order work?

You review your knife needs over a period of time, for example a year. Borin manufactures as much as you need during the given period and stocks your knives, ready to be delivered the same day your order comes in. During the contract period, the knives are then ‘called off’ at the rate you want. Of course,you only pay for the number of knives you call off. When the contract period ends, the stock is empty. We’ll look into your future needs before then.

 Does this sound like the perfect solution for you?  

Contact us today! We can’t wait to sharpen our fists for your needs!

Send in your request or order!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for help with any needs, big or small. We’ll produce the right knife using your drawing or sample, or the part number of an existing knife or holder. And we’re happy to come to you to assess your machine knife needs.

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